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Philips Arrangement 9000 audit

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Philips Arrangement 9000

Philips Arrangement 9000

Philips Arrangement 9000 1

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Close shaving

Effortlessly cleaned (generally)


Trimmer not incorporated

No head watch

No stand in the event that you don't purchase the cleaning station

KEY Elements


Semi-strong travel pocket

Isolate trimmer head

Maker: Philips

Audit Cost: £285.00

WHAT IS THE PHILIPS Arrangement 9000?

The Arrangement 9000 is Philips' top-of-the-range rotational shaver, with a turning tri-sharp edge head and the choice to utilize it wet or dry. It's accessible with the SmartClean cleaning station (S9031/26) or without (S9041/12). We tried the last mentioned, which is £40 less expensive.

It offers a nearby shave, is benevolent to touchy skin and is for the most part a delight to utilize.

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PHILIPS Arrangement 9000 – Plan

There's something somewhat tasteful about the Philips Arrangement 9000. The trio of round cutting edges looks some way or another more progressed than the straight thwart sort, regardless of Philips having been making its tri-sharp edge Philishave models since 1956. There's something a little War of the Universes about them.

The cutting edges all independently turn towards and far from the focal point of the head, while the head itself unipivots.

Philips Arrangement 9000 1

The ergonomics are additionally with the end goal that the Arrangement 9000 fits your hand in a flash, and feels practically weightless – it's only 160g. Saying this doesn't imply that that this electric shaver feels modest or unstable, as its slimness implies despite everything it feels thick.

Unfortunately the cost of those brilliant ergonomics is that the trimmer isn't coordinated – it's a different head that is joined basically by pulling off the shaving head and clicking in the trimmer. Sufficiently simple, yet in the event that you're somebody who frequently utilizes a trimmer, you could get irritated at hunting around for the different connection.

Philips Arrangement 9000 3

While we're on the drawbacks, there's likewise no charging stand provided – unless you pay the additional for the cleaning station, obviously – and to exacerbate the issue there's no head monitor provided. You'll simply must be watchful. It comes with a somewhat decent semi-strong travel case, in any event.

An exceptionally basic show is taken cover behind the polished dark plastic beneath the power catch, with three straightforward lines to demonstrate the battery level, and a tap symbol to recommend that you clean the head.

PHILIPS Arrangement 9000 – Execution

The main thing that strikes you when you switch the Arrangement 9000 on is the absence of commotion. It's quiet to the point that I thought an inward apparatus may have stripped. In any case, no, it truly is that peaceful. It's such a wonderful transform from the standard irate honey bee shaver swarm.

As these rotating shavers advantage from a round shaving movement, it's hard to judge the Arrangement 9000 on a solitary pass. Nonetheless, it required insignificant time and push to accomplish a nearby shave, and was especially great at embracing the more troublesome ranges of the lower neck.

It didn't give an incredible super-close shave of the Panasonic ES-LV95, particularly simply under the nose, which is hard to get to with a revolving shaver. However, it was still close, and was kinder to delicate skin than the Panasonic. It likewise requires to a lesser degree a customary shaving method – you don't generally need to know which heading your facial hair's developing; you simply make round movements around your face and let the cutting edges do whatever is left of the work.

This is a wet-and-dry model – as such it's waterproof – so you can shave in the give or shaving gel on. I thought that it was best dry, however, and less inclined to gunk up the cutting edges.

Philips Arrangement 9000 2

Cleaning the head is a basic matter of running it under a tap for a couple of minutes. Be cautioned, however, that on the off chance that you leave this – or any revolving shaver, besides – unwashed for more than a couple days, they turn into a grass to get out. It's sufficiently simple to pop the front off the head and get the sharp edges out, however those round cutting edges are more fiddly to get a brush into than their direct partners.

One battery charge goes on for around 50 mins of shaving, and a full revive just takes 60 minutes, which is all not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone's mind.

Would it be a good idea for me to Purchase THE PHILIPS Arrangement 9000?

On the off chance that you like negligible object and a peaceful life, this is most likely the electric shaver for you. It's much calmer than most, requires little method, and shaves extremely well. Paying the additional £40 for the SmartClean cleaning station would mean even less exertion, and give a remain too.

In any case, on the off chance that you consistently utilize a trimmer, swapping heads introduces a component of complain. And afterward there's the way that the Panasonic ES-LV95 offers a nearer shave, worked in trimmer and a more helpful show for around a similar cash.

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The Philips Arrangement 9000 is brilliantly calm, light and easy, while additionally accomplishing a nearby shave.

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